Area of Concentration

The core courses of the curriculum consist of the following thematic topics:

1. Pharmaceutics includes Pharmaceutical Technology, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Hospital Pharmacy, Dispensing, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sale, Management, Pharmacy law and Administration, Physical Pharmacy, Dosage Form Design, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Cosmetology and Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics.

2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry includes both inorganic and organic chemistry, Synthetic and Natural medicinal products, Pharmaceutical analysis and quality control.

3. Pharmacology includes General Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Drug Interaction and Toxicology.

4. Pharmacognosy includes various aspects of natural crude drugs and other economic products of pharmaceutical importance, Traditional Medicine and Forensic Pharmacy.

5. Physiology & Pathology are considered as the basis of the Pharmacology course given in advanced years of study.

6. Biochemistry & cellular biology is included for better understanding of the advanced Pharmacology course.

7. Mathematics and statistics required for Pharmaceutical calculations of formulation and statistical analysis and interpretation of biological studies and experimental results.