Dr. Golam Mohammad


Dr. Golam Mohammad
Sr. Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Ph. D (J.U.), M. Sc. (C.U.), B. Sc. (C.U.)
E-mail: [email protected]

Joining Date: 01.01.1999

Professional Experience

  • Plant Director of Gonoshasthaya Antibiotic Ltd Mirzanagar,Savar,Dhaka-1344. (Since 1987) Responsible for total management of the factory, Production,QA &QC, Research & Development of Antibiotics.
  • Analyst in Quality Control, Research & Development Department Of Gonoshasthaya Pharmaceuticals, Mirzanagar, Savar, Dhaka- 1344. (From April 1984 to Nov. 1987)

Teaching interest

Organic Pharmacy, Inorganic Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Research Field

  1. Preparation and efficiency testing of different types of resin extracted from natural sources.
  2. Production of Pharmaceutical Raw-Materials.
  3. Stability of Antibiotics.
  4. The method development of Vitamin-B complex Analysis.
  5. Technology development of the compaction of bulk powder of wet condition right after extraction from the centrifuge.
  6. “Removal of organic wastes from effluent of Pharmaceutical Industries by photochemical     Degradation.
  7. Method development for Arsenic removal.


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