Dr. Pijush Kumar Paul

Dr. Pijush Kumar Paul
Senior Lecturer
B. Pharm (GB), M. Pharm (UAP), PhD (Thailand)
E-mail: [email protected]

Joining Date: 01.01.2009

Teaching interest

Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Research Field

Molecular imprinting

Polymeric nanoparticles

Drug delivery


  1. Pijush Kumar Paul, Jongdee Nopparat, Mitree Nuanplub, Alongkot Treetong, and Roongnapa Suedee, 2017. Improvement in insulin absorption into gastrointestinal epithelial cells by using molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles: Microscopic evaluation and ultrastructure. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 530 (2017) 279-290.

  2. Pijush Kumar Paul, Alongkot Treetong and Roongnapa Suede, Biomimetic insulin-imprinted polymer nanoparticles as a potential oral drug delivery system. Acta Pharmaceutica. 67 (2017) 149-168.

  3. Pijush Kumar Paul, Laboni Rani Dey, Mohammad Shahariar, Irin Dewan, S.M. Ashraful Islam., Comparative in vitro dissolution study of spironolactone in binary and tertiary solid dispersion: model dependant and independent approaches. Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics; 2012, 2 (4), 73-80.

  4. S.M. Ashraful Islam, Sharif Md. Abuzar and Pijush Kumar Paul., Validation of UV-Spectrophotometric and RP-HPLC methods for the simultaneous analysis of Paracetamol and Aceclofenac in marketed tablets. International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences, Vol. 2, Issue 12: Dec.: 2011, 1267-1275. 

  5. M Ahmad, M Rahman, Pijush Kumar Paul., Synthesis and In Vitro antibacterial activitiy of Cephradine Benzoate. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science; 2011, 10(3): 148-151.