Mst. Mahfuza Khatoon

Mst. Mahfuza Khatoon
B.Pharm (Hon’s), M.pharm (RU)
E-mail: [email protected]

Joining date: 09-07-2014

Teaching interest

Pharmaceutical Technology, Bio pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Statistics.

Research Field

Pharmacological activities of medical plants, isolation and characterization of medicinal compound.


  1. Md. Khalequeuzzaman, Debabrata Mandal, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Mst. Mahfuza Khatoon, Md. Abdur Rouf; Anthelmintic and Antioxidant Activity Study of Aerial Parts of Hedyotis Corymbosa; The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal, 2019, 6 (2): 84-90 
  2. Mahfuza khatoon, Ekramul Islam, Rafikul Islam, Aziz Abdur Rahman, AHM Khurshid Alam, Proma Khondkar, Mamunur Rashid and Shahnaj Parvin; Estimation of total phenol and in vitro antioxidant activity of Albizia procera leaves;  BMC Research Notes 2013, 6:121; doi:10.1186/1756-0500-6-121
  3. Mst. Mahfuza Khatoon, Mst. Hajera Khatun, Md. Ekramul Islam, and Mst. Shahnaj Parvin; Analgesic, antibacterial and central nervous system depressant activities of Albizia procera leaves;  Asian Pac J Trop Biomed. 2014 Apr; 4(4): 279–284. doi: 10.12980/APJTB.4.2014C348